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The money for the TMPA Political Action Committee (PAC) primarily comes from voluntary contributions made by members. The money raised is separate from member dues and legal defense contributions, and revenue for the fund depends on these voluntary contributions.

Why Contribute?
The last few years have amounted to an all-out attack on law enforcement. The TMPA PAC contributes to the campaigns of those that support our efforts to pass legislation supporting better pay and working conditions for officers and positive criminal justice legislation, while also opposing bills that would prohibit class C arrests, make narcotics officers a "suspect" class of witness, allow unscrupulous fundraising on behalf of fallen officers, and diminish civil service protections, just to name a few. Your contribution ensures that your voice and the voice of Texas law enforcement can be heard in the legislature.

We appreciate your support!

*If you are a member and would like to add a PAC contribution to your monthly dues, please contact TMPA at 800-848-2088. You can also print this form and mail it to TMPA. 

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PAC Donation

PAC Donation

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